Frequently Asked Questions


Who can benefit from Medical Cannabis Education?

Medical Cannabis education is offered to anyone, whether you are curious or have a recommendation and would like to learn science-based information about utilizing your medicine most effectively.  Dispensary Staff Training Programs and Workshops are available, please inquire.


More about Wellness Support .....

Wellness support can take place in individual sessions that include a custom, life-coaching format in which you are supported in pursuing a wellness plan that includes different modalities of self-care for sustained improvements in quality of life.    Workshops on Stress and Anxiety Management, and Professional Counseling  are available to Dispensary staff and patients.


Emotional Support of Dispensary Staff

Customized Group therapy offered to Dispensary staff as challenges arise, ranging from Stress management, Critical Incident Debriefing in the case of a traumatic event, and other Wellness Boosting Workshops to maintain the health and happiness of the Dispensary community.